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Name seila villacorte
Base Mood baffled
Personal Mood Matthew, can you please stop lying to your gf Mey Arechiga about me? What makes her think that I'm trying to get back together with you? Are you so desperate for attention & companionship that you're making things up about me again? I know what it's like to be your gf & fiancee. To be honest, I don't know which is worse. That's why I broke off the engagement in the spring/summer of 2016. Remember? After finding out you secretly placed a GPS tracker in my car? That really did it for me.

Denny and his brother are still laughing their asses off at the immature Jerry Springer Stunt you pulled last night. You're obviously lying to both of us about what's really going on. Wait! You're not "lying." You're being "creative with the facts."
I've moved on. I'm still hurt by the shit you put me through during the relationship, but I'm not hung up. You're the one that keeps contacting me. I don't wanna talk about your ridiculous girl problems!!! Please pick a better topic if you're gonna kp contacting me. Fuck, bro!

And stop telling your gf that I made up stories about her. All I did was reported what I saw. Anyone who posts their photos on the net accepts the risk of being subjected to ridicule. Don't blame me for reporting that info to you. Someone else did the actual commenting. Look it up yourself!

Btw, it's Quantum Physics not just Physics. Maybe one of these days a quantum computer can bring about the evil spirits your mother always blames for negative behaviour.
Mood Changed Oct 9, 2017
Sex Female
Homepage None given
Interests i dig big bugs, hippos, pez, the sims, all 10 digits etc

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