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Site Guide » Your first time on imood

We want to make your first time on imood.com an easy and fun time. To help you get acquainted with our website we have put together a small faq for you below.

What can imood do for me?

imood helps you keep in touch with how you and your friends are feeling. It's that simple. We accomplish this by making it easy for everybody to find people, websites and books based on their emotions. Soon you'll even be able to find more, but we'll talk about that later!

We feel that it is important to remember that there are actual people with feelings on the other ends of the computers we use so much today. If we can use computers and the internet to help bring people a little bit closer, and make things a little more personal then perhaps we can start bridging the large divide that seems to separate us so often. The internet doesn't have to be impersonal and mechanic. The internet can also be a place where you come to learn about yourself and your friends. That's what we hope imood can do for you!

How much do I have to pay for imood?

NOTHING! Using imood is, and always will be, free.

How does imood keep track of my moods?

We keep track of your feelings in two unique ways. The first is what we call your base mood. A base mood is a generic feeling that is selected from a list that we provide. Why do we provide you a list of generic feelings? We do this so that we can track our community members' moods so that you can view your "mood history" and maybe learn something about yourself. We also do this so we can tell how the Internet is feeling -- that is what the most people are feeling at any given time.

The second way that we keep track of your feelings is through what we call your personal mood. Your personal mood is how you describe your exact feelings.

An example of a base mood might be happy and a personal mood might be I just got a card from my grandmother!. Now the system knows that you are happy and your friends can know exactly why you are happy.

How can I check my friend's mood?

If your friend is registered with us, checking their mood is very simple. All you have to do is enter their email address in the text box on the friend finder page (login is required).

If you are a registered user as well you can easily check on all of your friends by adding them to your buddy list. Keep reading to find out more!

What if I don't know my friend's email address?

The first thing we'd recommend is calling them up on the phone and asking them! But if you're not able to do that, or want something easier, then you can use the imood friend finder. Using this tool you can search for your friends and find out if they are on imood and what email address they are using. To use this tool click on the friend finder link at the top of the site.