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Name Sachi
Base Mood free
Personal Mood ahhhh. i got home to a hilariously delusional letter from my former houseguest who took her shit and moved into her car (and, thankfully, parked it elsewhere)!! she would rather sleep in her car in sub-zero weather, she said, than spend another minute in my mean-spirited energy. i have never been so entirely delighted to be the villain in someone else's story and am so, so relieved that her insanity spiral is now happening elsewhere. and even better, she swore at me to never talk to her again!! i blocked her number with the best of feelings. i'm not deleting her texts though in case she does anything batshit and i need to prove that i'm the reasonable one. also: locking my house doors for the first time in ages! the dog already seems so much more normal, thank god.

and everything she said about me is so bizarre and over the top and untrue that it doesn't even hurt. and honestly, while she said i am nasty and mean-spirited and toxic and blah blah blah worst personcakes i'm pretty sure i could do with being a little more mean-spirited, on the whole. i think it would serve me well. telling someone it's not my responsibility to find them a new place to live when our agreement was done and to please not text me about their past traumas while i'm at work is like the bare minimum of mean-spiritedness, and look at the wonders it has produced.

it's a shame that she was sleeping in what is normally half of my bed because i'm not sure how to clear the energy from it before sleeping on it again... hopefully tomorrow will be rain-free and i could leave it on the deck in the wind for a while? and repaint a wall downstairs. and do some sort of magical deep-cleaning of that room. :/ magick friends, please advise.
Mood Changed Mar 24, 2017
Sex Female
Homepage http://mylittleredgirl.livejournal.com
Interests protecting the free world and kicking general evil-doing ass with the Jolt Central Intelligence

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