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Name Sachi
Base Mood knackered
Personal Mood soooo the boundary thing is a work in progress

i'm trapped at work for the second day in a row, i think this cold is becoming bronchitis, i am somehow managing to pull off orchestrating the end of this yoga teacher training and spent eight hours mentoring final teaches today. i honestly let this one woman pass because i just couldn't figure out at the end of all this how to make her re-do it. i'm going to go see if i have a bed left in the staff dorm tonight and hopefully nyquil will keep me from coughing everybody awake!

i want to be pi mood because i love you all and miss you!!!! but i don't want to contaminate pi moods with this :P

the idea of a weekend-pi-mass at my place has well and truly died on the vine, i'm sorry <3
Mood Changed Mar 14, 2017
Sex Female
Homepage http://mylittleredgirl.livejournal.com
Interests protecting the free world and kicking general evil-doing ass with the Jolt Central Intelligence

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