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Name phi
Base Mood mixed
Personal Mood i'll jump on this train, thanks :D
hello, imood. it's been so long.

i am so grateful for mr pants, the goozshaboo, the baby of many names, even though he's teething and i don't sleep much. he sings while blowing raspberries.

i am grateful for my work. going back felt better than i thought it could. i am grateful for being useful, for having expertise to offer, for being a comfort and sometimes more than that to my patients. i love that even the ones with dementia seem to remember that i had a baby. i am grateful to have a job where if i don't tear up alongside a patient every couple weeks it means i'm doing it wrong.

i am grateful for my research. my big grant (protected research time 75% for 5 years!) needs resubmission and they wonder why i haven't published those papers from fellowship. so i am going to publish those freaking papers. one is submitted. one is in progress and i'm hoping to have out to coauthors for edits in 2 weeks latest.

relationshit is .. really not great. beyond, i'm afraid, par for the course new baby stuff. though i'm sure that isn't helping. but: couples therapy,and putting in the time to Try. and more than anything, focusing on the baby and on work, devoting myself to the things that sustain me.
Mood Changed Apr 6, 2018
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