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Name Justin
Base Mood frustrated
Personal Mood Hey please fill this out…


It's something I'm going to show my husband. It's all anonymous, but I just want him to see that him wanting to work 3-5 (or six if he had his way) 16 hour days a week is not cool at all

I want to show my husband hes working way too much…
Mood Changed Sep 9, 2018
Sex Male
Homepage http://www.facebook.com/issokay
ICQ 168709767
AIM Issokay
Yahoo! issokay
Interests pets, livejournal, lj, chicago, waco, san francisco, travel, world travel, world traveler, world traveller, chihuahuas, mexican hairless, blue chihuahuas, facebook, Issokay, IssokayVape, vaporizers, vaping, ecigs, vape, eliquid,

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