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Name crism
Base Mood musical
Personal Mood I am over the freakin’ moon. I see it’s been over a year since I updated this thing (and it’s nice to see so many other recent updates here). We moved back to the correct coast again, and being embedded back in the New England musical scene is huge. And GUESS WHAT? I just accepted a position as a Mystic Seaport chanteyman!!! Assuming they can deal with my schedule—I literally can’t afford to quit my day job to do it; non-profits are cheap. (-:
Mood Changed Apr 26, 2018
Sex Male
Homepage http://crism.maden.org/
ICQ 148125915
AIM crismxml
Yahoo! crismxml
Interests text nerd (XML, SGML, Web, ebooks, Perl, etc.), libertarian politics, gaming, taekwon do, food, drink

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