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Name Jane Doe
Base Mood encouraged
Personal Mood There is still the anxiety that if I just let go and be happy there will happen a tragedy. My mind doesn't accept that tragedies just happen independent of any moods you have. So I need to allow myself to be happy. Urgently.

I want to learn to play the clarinet, I want to learn Japanese,I want to travel the world and at least Asia, I want to find a well paid job, I want to find a secure job, I want to find peace, I want to read a bunch of books, I want to become more sophisticated, I want to have enough money, I want a house and a garden, I want to hike, I want to swim,

I want to stop being anxious.

Mood Changed Oct 6, 2020
Sex Female
Homepage None given
Interests re-discovering where I am from, biographies, huge airports, peace.

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