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Name Kirsty
Base Mood nice
Personal Mood Our cat who passed away a week ago was in my dream last night and I hope will be a regular thing because it will be like we are never far apart. She probably paid me a visit because I was the she was most attached to and I wasn't with her when she passed so the visit was like she was saying "Don't be sad, I'm okay". I'm going to print out a picture of her and stick it up where I can see it everyday. I'll always miss her and never forget her.
Mood Changed Jun 12, 2017
Sex Female
Homepage http://www.twitter.com/FoxLuvr72
Interests Music, movies, video games, reading, animals (I luv red foxes), ghosts & hauntings & paranormal stuff, serial killers & true crime, drawing, collecting stuff, sleep & deams. food & eating. the internet

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