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Name SailorSaturn
Base Mood blasphemous
Personal Mood Michael Rotondo... if you read news articles about him, he is a failing POS. I doubt he will ever want to move out of his parents' home even if forced. He doesn't do a freakin' lick of cleaning in the household, pays no rent, and doesn't bother to get a job. Six months' notice needed to be evicted? That's absolute horse manure! The standard where I live is one month and not a day more!

For those who say that he has mental issues, that's bullshit. He clearly has none and if he did, his parents would definitely factor that into the issue. Friends of my ex-fiancÚ used to put that excuse about him which is stupidity at its finest. That particular ex may have minor health restrictions (tight heel cords, petit mal seizures which occurred as a child but not during the years I've dated him) but nothing that would restrict him from any standard minimum wage job. That sack of useless flesh was enabled to the very end and is now living off his own family's inheritance so he didn't need to lift a finger for a job or education.

People like Mr. Rotondo and my ex Mr. J Valentine are worthless, lazy asses who mooch off of society as long as they can get away with it. These type of people are so innate in nature, that even my own children were more productive than them when their age were in the single digits.

People need to stop overlooking and pointing mental health as the answer to cover up sheer voluntary incompetence. People need to stop using excuses in general to cover up their shortcomings, period.
Mood Changed May 23, 2018
Sex Female
Homepage https://www.linkedin.com/in/sailorsaturn/
ICQ 10123861
AIM MessiahNoSaturn
Interests Japanese anime, web design, music, gardening, art, poetry

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