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Name SailorSaturn
Base Mood existential
Personal Mood Just found out from my former instructor had a splenectomy and partial pancreatectomy with chemo treatments on the works. And he was boss by still working as usual and keeping a positive outlook.

It makes me realize that I really should stop whining about my current struggles between my parents and brother as well as my boyfriend.

If I can cut them off like a localized metastatic cancer, that would be great. Not saying I can't but I prefer not to do it until at least until my kids are grown in 5 years. Anyway, the main point is that hearing my instructor's update really puts a new perspective on matters. It really got me thinking...
Mood Changed Feb 2, 2020
Sex Female
Homepage https://www.linkedin.com/in/sailorsaturn/
ICQ 10123861
AIM MessiahNoSaturn
Interests Japanese anime, web design, music, gardening, art, poetry

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