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Name SailorSaturn
Base Mood safe
Personal Mood Nick has been spending a lot of time with and although unexpected, these moments had been wonderful. There are no disagreements and we're snuggling like the lovebirds we used to be. We take turns treating each other and he even mentioned going back to Steve Nash and working out at the gym together.

I hope he comes to this actualization and make the best of the situation. I can only go so far with bettering myself and though I am happy with my own progress, it doesn't feel the same if the person I love doesn't grow along with me. At least there is hope but only time can tell and action speaks louder than words.

But when he holds me in his arms and naturally caresses me, it feels every piece of chaos has fallen to its own place in the jigsaw puzzle and the only thing left is to marvel and relish the finished product.

I've hit my lowest point in January and I hope from here on out there will be stability and constant healing. I'm happy if I know he is, whether close by or afar but I can't complain if he's close by and making new fond memories together.
Mood Changed Mar 15, 2019
Sex Female
Homepage https://www.linkedin.com/in/sailorsaturn/
ICQ 10123861
AIM MessiahNoSaturn
Interests Japanese anime, web design, music, gardening, art, poetry

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