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Name SailorSaturn
Base Mood destructive
Personal Mood JFC for the love of *bleep* what have they done with episode 11 of Domestic na Kanojo?!? They completely butchered the series with that single anime episode alone, skipping the content of 20 chapters of the original manga. Nick told me that the anime of Full Metal Alchemist is nothing like the manga but I think it's much worse. We're talking about the most crucial love scenes between Hina and Natsuo completely borked here. The anime made it seem like Rui is the victim when in fact she's the selfish jerk who keeps on keeping her older sister and her stepbrother apart for her own selfish wanton.

Other than that, life for me is fine. Forever fatigued but managing the tightrope circus life of juggling my career with my parenting and love life; just keeping those trio in check will hopefully reflect my personal happiness and finances in check.

Fortunately no hiccups this week. Been so exhausted that I missed an exercise day or two this week but now back on track again today.
Mood Changed Mar 23, 2019
Sex Female
Homepage https://www.linkedin.com/in/sailorsaturn/
ICQ 10123861
AIM MessiahNoSaturn
Interests Japanese anime, web design, music, gardening, art, poetry

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