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Name SailorSaturn
Base Mood bruised
Personal Mood Been rearended in a motor vehicle accident back in April 27, been out of work for two weeks and having much difficulty recovering from the injuries sustained even with massage therapy and acupuncture visits. Then I had some stupid member in my family (one of my parents) threw out my expensive takeout (a piece of a tomahawk steak) without my knowledge and consent and my brother had to fetch it out of the compost bin (still in its container thankfully) and I had to thoroughly wash and re-cook the steak before I trust eating it.

Ever since I was a child, I always hated my parents because they would always throw away things on a whim while leaving the rest of the household in shambles. I don't get it; you would throw away my homework for the next morning but the pot full of squirming maggots would still be sitting in the kitchen stove top? Define what is normal!!!

And yes, my brother wonders why I am left with anger issues...
Mood Changed Jun 2, 2019
Sex Female
Homepage https://www.linkedin.com/in/sailorsaturn/
ICQ 10123861
AIM MessiahNoSaturn
Interests Japanese anime, web design, music, gardening, art, poetry

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