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Name IchbineineTomate KTC
Base Mood astonished
Personal Mood I'm making another, smaller, sweater for my little cousin.

I have been approached by someone for the purposes of dating. They're amazing.

Camp NaNoWriMo is likely a bust but I still feel the itch to write. Just not within the thirty day time limit or necessarily on the story I intended working on.

My brain is on fire to try ALL THE THINGS. This is good.

I finished my first sweater. Probably should have said that first. It fits perfectly.

I passed my first one hundred days of consistent German Language practice on Duolingo.

I went to the Library for the first time in five months. Not counting the Digital eLibrary because I'm there every week. It was fun. I got a bunch of knitting books.

I've been ill but I have a diagnosis and an upcoming treatment plan. Chronic Venous Insufficiency is the name of the stuff happening with my feet and legs. Nice to finally have a formal introduction to the rotten fiend. I've got a number of visits to a specialist coming in the not too distant future.

Everything is happening at once but I feel as though I can handle it all.
Mood Changed Jul 22, 2018
Sex Female
Homepage http://xantedeschia.wordpress.com
Interests blogging, crocheting, German Language, panromantic, polyandry, writing, reading, music, polyamory, science, mathematics, autodidactism, horticulture, winter, linguistics, knitting, gardening

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